Hello everyone. My name is Jake Bland and I am an aspiring actor in Southern California. Let me tell you all a little bit about my life and how I got to be where I am today. As most people know, life can be challenging at times and sometimes situations arise that we may not be prepared for. I can say that I’ve had to face some challenges that shifted the direction I thought my life was headed.


    Before I started to pursue acting, I was a full-time football player and I loved every minute of it. I started playing football when I was seven years old and fell in love with the game instantly. Everything about the sport I enjoyed from the early morning practices, the friendships made with my teammates, the game days, the coaches, and just about everything else. When I finally made it to high school football I was unbelievably excited.At my local high school Mission Viejo High School, football was a power house and a respected program nationwide. After my freshman season, I had to get an MRI for a pain in my lower back. It turned out I needed to get surgery. I was out of football for 6 months and was told that I may not get my full strength back after recovery. Although this was terrible news, it didn’t stop me. I worked hard and had an amazing sophomore season which landed me on varsity the following year. Junior season was going to be a good year for me but, a blown-out labrum in my shoulder sidelined me for the rest of the year. Again, I was told that after surgery I may not be the same football player I once was before. I was also told that the chances of me getting a scholarship was very slim to none. I told myself that I would work harder than ever before to prove to myself that my limitations are only what I make them. I had a healthy and very successful senior year which ended with me receiving a scholarship to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. I was very excited for the opportunity to continue my football career. I left for school thinking that the next four years would be me living out my dream of playing Division 1 college football. Sadly, during summer practice, I had a familiar pain in my back and had to get another MRI which led me to one of the hardest things I had to hear in my life. A second back surgery ended my football career in its tracks.


    Even though one of the doors in my life closed I decided to pursue another dream I had. I told myself that if I had that much motivation and determination to achieve a scholarship for football even when there were many things fighting against me then I could use that same mind set to make it in acting. So here I am today starting a new journey and hoping to prove to everyone that sometimes life doesn’t go exactly how you have planned it but you can still achieve anything you set your mind to with hard work and dedication. Follow your dreams like I am.



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